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At any point in your project, Wise Plastics is here to address your challenges by providing complete engineering services and optimization.

Engineering Services

Wise Plastics Technologies has been providing and exceeding customers’ every need and expectation when it comes to engineering and design.

Every customer program has an Account Manager and a dedicated team of professional Project, Tooling, Manufacturing, and Quality Engineers. Along with a Customer Service Representative to oversee every aspect of the product life cycle. From conception through production, the engineering staff collaborates with the customer, ensuring the success of the entire program and product.

Whatever the need, the Engineering teams ensure the ultimate optimization of manufacturing and processes with attention to every technical detail.

Creative engineering services deliver customers innovative manufacturing solutions, techniques, and expertise to ensure rapid market penetration for products and programs.

  • Early Involvement Engineering
  • Project Engineering Services
  • Design Engineering
  • Product Development Solutions
  • Technological Innovation
  • Design and Build for Manufacturability & Tooling
  • Mold Flow Analysis
  • Product and Tooling Prototyping and Development
  • Assembly and Automation Development
  • Automation and Robotics
  • Universal Material Selection and Assistance

Project Management

Wise Plastics Technologies realizes that every project does not have a large window to market. When your timeline is days instead of weeks or months, an “expedited kick-off” approach to project development is instituted. Each part of the process is expedited without compromising market release dates, quality standards, or logistical requirements.

Each step of the standard product realization process was extensively mapped to determine how to significantly compress the entire process in order to meet urgent deadlines while providing the highest quality standards. Having developed an in-house Engineering and cross-functional supporting staff that have been trained in “expedited kick-off” capabilities, as well as a selective group of outside supporting “partners” who have proven their dependability.

The result is an experienced and tested team in place that has successfully expedited projects across a variety of industries and applications, delivered in days, not months.

Mold Design

Recognizing the substantial investment made in tooling is essential. The proper design and construction of molds are crucial factors. Highly skilled Tooling Engineers are dedicated to ensuring that molds are impeccably designed and constructed, providing optimal part-to-part repeatability and reliability throughout the product’s lifecycle.

Tooling Engineering

At Wise Plastics Technologies, the collaborative approach entails closely partnering with customers throughout the entire engineering process, especially in the development of tooling and plastic injection molds. The significance of effective communication and teamwork is recognized in achieving successful outcomes. Through fostering a close working relationship, the unique requirements and specifications of customers are seamlessly integrated into the design and development of tooling needs.

Moldflow® Analysis

When submitting your part for build at Wise Plastics Technologies, the Tooling Engineers will use Moldflow® Analysis before starting the design of the mold. The use of Moldflow® will help eliminate any issues before the mold starts the design and manufacturing process. Wise Plastics Technologies has in-house experts that will provide the following benefits:

  • Analyze and optimize gate locations.
  • Predict the moldability of different materials for your application.
  • Determine injection pressure and clamp tonnage.
  • Identify areas of potential warpage.
  • Optimize placement of pressure transducers for scientific molding.
  • Define weld lines and air traps.
  • Focuses the mold cooling process that decreases the cycle time.
  • Identifies potential areas where sink may occur after the molding process.
Animation of a Moldflow® Analysis
Wise Plastics' climate-controlled Tooling Storage

Comprehensive Mold Maintenance Program

All tooling at Wise Plastics Technologies is meticulously maintained throughout its production life as part of a robust ERP tracking-system for preventive tooling maintenance.

Transfer Tooling

Transfer tooling is a critical aspect for any injection molding company, playing a pivotal role in the seamless transition of molds between different facilities or suppliers. Wise Plastics Technologies, as an example, excels in transfer tooling, offering valuable expertise and support whether a company is building its molds, outsourcing in-house molding operations, or encountering specific molding challenges.

Wise Plastics' Transfer Tool capabilities
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